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I’m not me when I kill people. At least, that’s what I tell myself. I wake up, and I know I’ve done something horrible. My hands are covered in blood, my clothes are gone, and my stomach feels full. I don’t remember what I did. All I remember is the pain. It’s impossible to forget.

It starts with the fur. It spreads like fire, melting me. My bones go next, shifting, changing, breaking. I always cry, always scream, but I can live with the pain. I can’t live with what comes next. Something takes control and pushes me into the dark. I sleep a dreamless sleep, and when I wake up, the nightmare begins.

I don’t know them, the people I’ve killed, the ones I’ve eaten. But I do know they weren’t all bad. I live with the pain because I deserve it.

-Confessions of a Cannibal

Oh my gosh, this book surprised me in all the best ways! After reading that blurb, the last thing I expected was to laugh. I typically can't stand humor in my horror novels, but Division X has some of the most clever and enjoyable banter I have read. The man known ass The Boss was such a dick, he had me CACKLING with the way he spoke to his underlings. Randi, the twins, Briggs, they all were so spicy with their words - it was beautiful.

The 80's slasher style gore is perfectly gritty, those first two chapters grabbed me by the throat and never let me go. The story is fast paced and almost feels episodic as we follow Randi encountering various monsters, from vampires to murderous hillbillies. The ending leaves a lot of questions, but I assume many will be answered in book two - for which I am waiting for with bated breath!! I can't wait to continue Randi's story.


About Me

 August Hill 

“Who doesn’t like a good story? Whether it be a movie, show, game, book, or a chat with friends, storytelling is an essential part of entertainment. I always wanted to be a storyteller, to entertain, and writing just always felt right to me. It also happens to be cheap.”

- August Hill

Books, Films, and Games I’ve Enjoyed


"If you enjoy the  80s slasher genre  and comedic dark humor that include the supernatural, you will  love  Division X"



#1 Alien

This is a very basic answer if you know anyone who’s obsessed with the horror genre like I am. Alien is often regarded as one of the best movies ever, and for good reason. It is the best, in my opinion. The idea is simple, but when I first saw it in elementary school, it changed my favorite genre of movie to sci-fi. Ripley is my all-time favorite movie hero. She was a regular Joe at the start of the film, but by the end, she’s the ultimate survivor. The cinematography, sound, and creature design are also amazing, but that’s a given. If you dislike this movie, I dislike you, and if you haven’t seen it, watch it.



#1 Frankenstein

This one’s an oldy and a bit wordy for most, which is terrible if you think about it. A book with too many words, preposterous. I’ve read this four times, which isn’t much, I know, but I’ve heavily analyzed this book as well. Outside the theme of man becomes monster, man makes monster is my second favorite. I’ve read a lot of horror books, and besides certain Goosebumps stories, I’ve never really connected to a horror story like I have with Frankenstein. I know, Goosebumps and Frankenstein don’t sound like good companion pieces, but what can I say; I know what I like. This book is literature, and it’s more poetic than anything I’ll ever write. To think it was disregarded and considered derivative of other characters and myths is insane. All ideas come from somewhere else. The critics who blasted this novel should have been blasted out of a cannon.

 Video Games 


#1 Red Dead Redemption

Whoever says video games aren’t art has never played these games. This is my favorite western story… ever. There’s a lot a video game can do which a book or movie can’t. Namely, player agency. It allows the player to connect with the protagonist on a level movies and books can’t. The player carries out the protagonist’s actions. It sounds like a story telling dream come true, but for some reason people still think video games and their narratives are worth less than movies or books. That blows my mind. Playing this game when it originally released was insane. No game has ever reached the heights of Red Dead Redemption before or since. Playing as John Marston, saving his family, killing his old gang mates, it’s a western dreamscape. The real Westworld. And everyone can experience it if they’d only try.


"The monster killing business is not all it's cracked up to be."

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